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kitchen heat

Posted on November 12, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)
Well hello and welcome,

Winter has officially begun, crisp mornings, crisp fresh air and toasty evenings.

Product of the week
Wella Curl Craft
Wax mousse

At the moment we are encouraging our clients to make the most of wavy and curly textured hair and opt for the non straightening [heat use] during the cold months. In order to achieve a great textured look Wella Wax mousse has the power to naturally enhance the curl and hold without the crispy residue that can often be found upon using hair mousse, looks best on freshly cut layered hair.


Need warming up? how about a spicy drink to fire up the circulation?
Slice 3oz of ginger, 
add to a pan of 500ml water, 
bring to the boil, 
then allow to simmer for 20-30 mins [do not let the pan boil dry]
remove the pan from the heat, allow 2 mins for flavour to infuse, then pour into your favourite mug and enjoy! honey and molasses lightly sweeten and neat for the toughies!

Winter attire squire!

Reiss Ombre Streamlined Shearling Coat

Oh my, Reiss have a great very warm shearling coat, super stylish too, would look superb with anything trouser or skirt, a show stopping pair of court shoes would really set off the look.

Diesel Patlong - Down Coat

A warm snuggly coat from Diesel, neck warmth nicely incorporated within the design, would flatter all shapes as the puff design is not too puffy. 

Celine Black leather gloves

Celine have presented a great pair :) this season, with subtle hints of colour great for adding a little fun to your stylish black coat, perhaps team with a pair of red court shoes, send dorothy back to Aunt Em and enjoy!

Gieves and Hawkes

Oh this sharply tailored coat Shearling collar pea coat, a wonderful example of the impeccable classic British style.
Would be great teamed with dark tailored trousers.

Yohji Yamamoto

Simple style slightly edgy Asymmetric front jacket, Would look great over a suit, again with the straight leg trouser.

Bottega Veneta Gloves

Gents, these gorgeous gloves from Bottega would look great with a stylish overcoat, the intrecciato [interlaced] design  subtly adds style to an existing great look.

The Sound the sound

The party is almost here, what party is complete without the Godfather of Soul James Brown, Greatest Hits!

Impress the cat

"All the better to see you with" she said

Bye for now


perimeters and areas

Posted on October 20, 2014 at 2:11 PM Comments comments (0)
A global Hello, 

Rainy weather gracing this section of the planet (uk) indeed the change of season is pending. Not yet cold enough for the the Cashmere or Shearling coat hunt, but cold enough to start looking for the perfect winter boots :)

My hair product of the week most definitely has to be;

Black Caviar 12 in 1
Multi Action hair cream
(Mon Platin) 

I love trying new hair products in the salon, even if they boast of delicate ingredients, like the salty bubble kind (Black Caviar) where should I begin? Firstly this cream can be used on all hair types (Straight to Curly/Euro to Afro) This cream provides the weight to banish frizz, however the hair moves freely. The shine factor is baffling as there is very little oil ingredient within the product, this suggests the presence of hair coating which would protect the hair from damage. The perfumed scent (ummmm) likened to a known brand scent in the Armani range, every tress swish delivers a chic scent and an unmistakeable look of quality hairstyling. The packaging does not measure up to the product, however neither I or my clients are complaining. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on them ;)

Jasmine Tea

Looking for something new and holistic to try? good old fashioned jasmine tea, which screams of the most beneficial properties including anti ageing goodness, the bitter taste can take a getting used to, honey or molasses will solve that issue. This tea is so fragrant, the aroma as well as the taste is equally as enjoyable. My new winter warming drink reasonably priced too. 

Boots Boots Boots

Winter is not yet here, but it doesn't hurt to have a little look at boots.
I like heels, comfortable heels (yes they exist) I equally enjoy wearing my 8 hole Dr Martens but for a little feminine touch and elegant posture 'Heels'

Sam Edelman, Black Suede over the knee boot. Great teamed with a mid length pleated dress/skirt. 

Whistles Black leather just over the ankle boot, great teamed with 3/4 straight leg trousers, extra stylish with trousers showcasing a sharp centre crease.

Ok Gents, these Red Wing boots have a rustic country look to them, would look great teamed with jeans or slacks (tailored or straight leg) cable knit jumper or cardi' to impress. effortless style!

Jeffrey West ankle boots, different is always good, confidence is needed to pull off these slick beauties, not impossible for most of you i'm sure.

the sound the sound
Vikter Duplaix this creative soul can do no wrong in the world of sound, with melodies fit for the gods (Stimulation EP).

impress the cat

Not the biggest fan of boots, but she loves hats.

Whatever you do, do it peacefully

Peace xx

cosy up o' clock

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello earthlings,

As we cosy up to keep warm, with winter spells pending, at this time of the year its good to start thinking about changing skin and haircare regimes to protect, beautify and preserve the gorgeousness that we love to showcase during the summer months.

Argan oil
Duo Shampoo and Conditioner

These two products are highly valued in the salon at the moment (in a gold bullion way!) only to be used together, protect the hair from the cold air and repair from dry air, culprit found to be home central heating. This product has a soft fragrance free from sles and sls, low lathering, however thats not a bad thing. The hair literally feels like silk afterwards. for best results, after shampooing with the luxury wash, condition from root to tip with the hydrating conditioner, cover head/hair with a plastic shower cap also a towel to retain heat, and then leave on for as long as possible for deep conditioning. (the heat allows the hair to absorb all the goodness in the best possible way) suitable for all hair types.

the sound the sound

This phenomenal lady knows exactly how to please the ears of house music lovers effortlessly, let me introduce you to, Lady Blacktronika

impress the cat

upon discovering kitty, two things sprung to mind, Nosforatu or, she's waiting for xmas!

Be well and think sunshine, everybody loves the sunshine!



Posted on September 22, 2014 at 1:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings Globals, 
in trot, in melody and in peace.

The stylist is back in the salon, so bring on the unruly hair :)

Matrix (Biolage)
Exquisite oil

 I have the most amazing products to tame not so tameable hair.
My product of the week has to be 'Matrix Exquisite oil' in Monoi.
This oil tames and moisturises fly away hair, also smooths rough dry hair ends, the target area for most tress problems. Not only does this treatment carry a heavenly scent that leaves your hair smelling sweet, it is ideal for deep replenishing hair treats.

the sound the sound

The talented ensemble of musicians and soul music collective from europe
Soul Sociedad with their dreamy mixes

Impress the cat

She's not impressed!

Peace x

in eye's sight

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)
Warmest Welcome and, the Humblest Hello,

I'll keep this short and sweet as folk life is so busy

hair product

TIGI catwalk 
Blow Out Balm

This amazing product works wonders on all hair types, it's the product your hair screams for just before blow drying.
Once applied to damp hair, instantly the hair feels like silk and sustains the heat blast of the hairdryer.
The only downside to this wonder product is there is no indication that the balm is of low stock as the bottle is opaque, however I'm sure common sense will out rule that problem :) Tames frizz, sleeks straight styles and glosses dull hair without any grease or residue. Bonus point, this product softens hands and smells divine.

perfumed product

Modern Muse
Estee Lauder

I'm a big fan of perfume and the scent of a presence, perfume (eau de parfum) is my preference hands down, as I find that the accompanying creams don't always hold the scent past 4 hours, Boy am I wrong!!
I discovered 'Modern Muse' body lotion By Estee lauder a week ago, a grown up scent I must say, but every bit refreshing and spicy, lasts for hours and hours.

accessory MaD

Accessories maximise individual style factor every time, Especially antique brooches although some of the fab pin ons sold in high street stores are just as gorgeous as the authentic vintage styles. 
Want one? Car boot sales, antique jewellers and, granny's dresser, is the best place to start looking.

the sound, the sound

amongst all the great sounds out there (so many talented artists, will be mentioning in coming posts)
At the moment I'm listening to Sammy Dee, House/progressive house music dj

Impress the cat!

My cat is a complete nutter at the best of times, here is a rare example of her doing something creative.

"Believe in the power of peace
then apply love generously
gradually we will have birthed serenity" sam shaw